Spray Tanning

What’s the best thing about spending time in the hot sun? The golden-brown tint of your skin! However, numerous studies and research have proven that sun tanning is actually hazardous to your health. Over exposure to dangerous UV rays can cause sever skin damage, advanced aging of the skin, and even cancer. Thankfully, you can get the same golden-brown tint from spray tanning as you would if you were out in the sun for hours. Thousands upon thousands of people have discovered spray tanning. When it is cold and cloudy outside, nothing will warm your sense of confidence as much as looking in the mirror at a deep-brown tan. While tanning salons and home tanning beds have helped many people build and maintain a tan, they are not without risk. That is why spray tanning has become so popular. It is safe and effective for all.

  • What is Spray Tanning?

    Spray tanning is a great way to get healthy looking sun-tanned skin without unhealthy skin damage from the sun. The spray tanning solution is made from a specific formula used to moisturize and bring your skin to life. It contains dihydroxyacetone or DHA, which is colorless and interacts with certain amino acids in your skin in order to produce a soft brown color. Step into the spray tanning booth and watch as the miracle of the spray tan takes shape.

  • Why Would I Want to Get a Spray Tan?

    The bottom line is that Spray Tanning is much safer than tanning in the sun, or going to a tanning bed salon. You can get the same result without having to worry about damaging UV rays or overexposed skin. Spray Tanning is an effective way to add color to your skin.

  • What Are the Benefits of Spray Tanning?

    Spray Tanning has evolved as a popular alternative to regular sun tanning. Without sitting in the sun and risking extended sun damage from dangerous UV rays, individuals can turn to Spray Tanning for the same desired effect. Your skin will turn a deep, soft golden-brown without the harmful skin damage that occurs when you are out in the sun. This means that you get the same result without the dangerous side effects.

  • Is Spray Tanning Safe?

    Spray Tanning is a safe and effective procedure. However, tanning products that contain the DHA chemical should be used externally only. These products were not created for internal use and should not be applied to lips, eyes or inhaled through the nose. Spray Tanning products should be used for cosmetic purposes only. After Spray Tanning, you still need to be cautious when you are out in the sun. Make sure that you still use sunscreen products in order to protect your skin. A regular Spray Tanning regime will not protect your skin from the sun’s natural rays. During your Spray Tanning session, maker sure you do not inhale the solution and keep your eyes close.


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