Cadiz Laser Spa Products – Mineral Makeup in Austin

Cadiz Laser Spa offers a wide variety of modern skincare products specifically designed to help improve and revitalize your skin. These products are all safe and effective, as well as affordable. They have earned a strong reputation with the medical community worldwide. Each product is a leader in their respective field of cleansers, mineral makeup, moisturizers, anti-oxidant research and vitamin stabilization.

Glo Minerals

gloMineralsGlo Minerals is a mineral makeup system uniquely formulated for skincare professionals and their clients. These advanced formulations combine pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural high-pigment minerals and the power of antioxidants. Glo Minerals mineral makeup also has anti inflammatory ingredients, including green tea extract and vitamin C which makes it a must for acne prone skin or rosacea-prone skin. Glo Minerals is proud to be cruelty-free they do not test on animals. If you’ve been trying to find mineral makeup in Austin or Round Rock, you can find it here at Cadiz Laser Spa.

The result is clinically advanced mineral makeup that covers, helps correct, and protects the skin. The Glominerals formula delivers unsurpassed coverage, broad-spectrum UV protection and helps to combat free radical damaging agents. Glominerals also offers innovative new products in combination with a color palette rich with the hottest hues and timeless color classics.

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Neo Cutis Product line

neocutisAll NEOCutis products are formulated with a targeted blend of science and Swiss technology to enhance skin’s natural beauty. Each product helps diminish the visible signs of skin aging as it soothes stressed, irritated skin. Developed and tested with leading dermatologists, NEOCutis bring the timeless beauty and precision of Swiss technology to create a premiere line of anti-aging skincare available only through physicians. These are great products for skin rejuvenation, post-procedure skincare, and care of sensitive and stressed skin.

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Vivant Skincare

vivantIf you are looking for the most scientifically advanced treatment available for skin of all colors, you have found it with Vivant Skincare. These incredible cleansing products use buffing grains in order to help clear away the exfoliated dead skin cells. The normalizing tonics also help to create a clean slate for the Vitamin-fortified conditioners, and the everyday lotion provides moisture and protects the skin from dangerous UV rays. The use of Vivant Skincare products is easy and painless. A little peeling each week will occur and actually means that the product is working. It’s great for all skin types and dramatically helps with teen or adult acne.

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glotheraRevolutionize your skin.

Glotherapeutics is a collection of innovative skin care products and chemical exfoliation treatments. Our chemical exfolation line contains highly effective, individualized chemical exfoliants to induce renewal and revitalize skin for improvements in fine lines and wrinkles, imperfections and discoloration.

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Vitality Institute

vitalityInstituteThis product line works in combination to create a complete program that effectively reverses the effects of sun damage, environmental factors and aging for dramatically firmer, heathier and more youthful skin.


Jan Marini Spa Products

glotheraProfessional Strength, Remarkable Results.

Jan Marini’s specialized combination of ingredients delivered in elegant formulas sets these products apart from so many others on the market. Real results coupled with products you’ll enjoy using means you’ll see maximum benefit with no compromises.

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