Get Rid of Stubborn Cellulite in Time for Swimsuit Season This Summer With Viva!

Cellulite. Just the word alone makes the majority of women cringe. The telltale dimples can show up on your buttocks, thighs, hips, stomach and arms. The only reassuring thing about cellulite is knowing that you aren’t alone. It’s a condition that affects about 90% of women and 10% of men.

Cellulite is tough to get rid of because there are several underlying causes for dimpled skin that get worse as we age. Many people mistakenly think fat is to blame, but it’s only part of the problem, which is why women of all shapes and sizes can have cellulite. At the center of it all are fibrous bands and connective tissue.

Physical Factors That Affect Cellulite

If you were to dissect the skin, you’d see that below the epidermis there’s a layer of fat and then muscle underneath. There are also fibrous bands of connective tissue that run vertically between the muscle and skin. When the fibrous bands are stretched to their limit they pull down on the skin creating a dimpled appearance. Sometimes this occurs if fat accumulates in between the skin and muscle, but it can also be a result of skin quality and inflexible fibrous bands. This is why cellulite is considered genetic.

Other factors that come into play and make cellulite worse include:

  • Decreased collagen production
  • Skin quality and thickness
  • Fat levels and distribution
  • Muscle loss

With so many factors affecting the appearance of cellulite, it’s no wonder the condition is so hard to treat. Even though stubborn cellulite is tough to get rid of, there are solutions that can smooth skin in time for summer.

Venus Viva – The Solution for Stubborn Cellulite  

Cellulite is normal, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. There have been countless cellulite “solutions” developed over the decades from creams to lasers, but few of them do much more than drain a bank account.

You may have heard about invasive treatments that cut the fibrous tissue beneath the skin to get rid of cellulite. While these surgeries can be effective, they are extremely expensive and can leave you with scars. An easier, safer and more affordable solution is Venus Viva.

Instead of treating the fibrous bands, Venus Viva is a non-surgical skin resurfacing treatment that uses NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) and SmartScan™ technology. As the Mayo Clinic points out, radio frequency systems are among the best cellulite solutions.

During a Viva treatment the aesthetician uses a handheld device with tiny pins at the end. As the device moves over the skin it punctures the surface and delivers heat via NanoFractional RF. The aesthetician will also use what’s called a Diamond Polar™ applicator to heat the skin further with multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed electro magnetic fields.

The combination of heat and pinpricks prompts the skin to produce more collagen, the main structural component of connective tissue. This is important for two reasons:

  • Collagen makes up about 75% of skin and accounts of roughly 90% of its volume. More collagen equals thicker dermis that’s less likely to show cellulite.
  • When collagen is increased the elasticity of skin improves, further reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Addressing collagen loss is key in combating cellulite. Starting at about age 25, women begin losing 1.5% of their collagen each year, which is why treatments like Viva are needed to boost levels back up. Venus Viva treatments can also be used to fade stretch marks, lighten scars, improve discoloration and treat UV skin damage.

Although Viva is minimally invasive, it’s safe to use on all skin types across multiple areas of the body. There’s also little to no downtime involved, and improvements can be seen in as little as a few days. However, for optimal results 3-4 sessions spaced a month apart is usually recommended.

Want to get smooth, cellulite free skin in time for the summer swimsuit season? Then schedule a Venus Viva session at Cadiz Laser Spa. Our experienced aestheticians can help you improve the look of your skin from head to toe!

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