Aura Laser Facial Resurfacing

Put your best face forward

Want to improve the look and feel of your skin, without a harsh or invasive procedure? Are you tired of hiding embarrassing red marks, veins, or blotches that have appeared on your skin? Whether you were born with these marks or they were caused by aging, sun damage, or a skin condition, you don’t have to resign yourself to living with them.

Discover newfound confidence with Aura Laser Facial Resurfacing. This state-of-the-art technology harnesses a light, yet powerful, 532 Yag laser to treat the tissue under the surface of the skin. It is most commonly used on the face, neck, and chest, and is recommended for patients with lighter skin tones (skin types 1-4).

Already tried microdermabrasion? This is different. Not only is it more effective and longer-lasting, it also causes less discomfort.

How Does it Work?

Using the Aura laser, our technicians are able to easily target small blood vessels located beneath the skin’s surface. The laser uses a strong light beam to safely and painlessly eliminate the abnormal blood vessels that cause irregular spots—particularly brown (melanin) and red (hemoglobin) pigment, as well as lentigines (sun spots). The procedure effectively removes unwanted pigmentation, sunspots, and spider veins, while evening out the skin tone, and achieving overall healing. The result is healthier, rejuvenated, and younger-looking skin.

Benefits of Aura Laser Facial Resurfacing

  • Decreases pore size and pigment
  • Smoothes out skin texture
  • Lightens brown spots or solar lentigines associated with sun damage
  • Minimizes the appearance of spider veins
  • Eliminates effects of rosacea (red, irritated skin)
  • Diminishes wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduces acne breakouts by shrinking the sebaceous gland

Quick Results, With No Downtime

Most patients see noticeable results within just three to six treatments, with the best results two weeks after the first treatment. And because this is a non-ablative procedure that does not vaporize tissue, there’s no downtime—you can even wear makeup immediately after the procedure, and can return to work or daily activities right away. Unlike some other laser treatments, Aura Laser Facial Resurfacing does not cause bruising or excessive redness.

Is It Safe?

While all laser procedures carry some level of risk, Aura Laser Facial Resurfacing is FDA-approved to safely treat common skin conditions. Side effects are extremely rare. Our medical professionals will discuss all of the possible risks before performing the procedure.

For Best Results…

Avoid sun exposure in the two weeks prior to your procedure. After your treatment, you can use a mild facial soap and moisturizer. We recommend using a sunscreen and continuing to avoid sun exposure in the week or two after the procedure.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation! One of our knowledgeable estheticians will evaluate your specific skin lesions to determine whether Aura Laser Facial Resurfacing is the best treatment for you.