Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing


Dealing with unwanted body hair can be a pain. If you’re still clinging to a razor, the constant shaving and maintenance may seem like a never ending chore. Fortunately, there are other hair removal alternatives – like laser hair removal and waxing – that are less of a hassle. Since every hair removal solution isn’t right for every hair removal need, we’ve put together this comparison of laser hair removal and waxing to help you determine which one is right for you.


How Does It Work?

During a waxing treatment, a warm, sticky resin is applied to the skin. A strip of cloth is laid over the resin to bind the hair to the cloth. The cloth is then yanked off, removing the hair from the follicle below the skin. In some cases – like bikini waxing – the resin may be peeled off instead. Waxing can be used to remove hair all over the body, including legs, bikini area, and face. 

Does Waxing Hurt?

Waxing is usually pretty painful since the hair is being forcibly yanked out. However, since the hair that grows back in is thinner than before, subsequent waxing sessions tend to be less painful.

Length of Time to See Results

Like shaving, hair removal results with waxing are seen immediately.


The cost for waxing treatment varies with the area being treated. You can expect to pay anywhere from $10 for small areas like eyebrows or upper lips, to up to $75 for leg waxing.

How Long Results Last

Since the hair is pulled out from the root, waxing can last from about 3 to 6 weeks – the length of time it takes for the hair to complete a new growth cycle. The same number of hairs will grow back each time, but they will usually not grow back as thick as before. 

Laser Hair Removal

How Does It Work?

Laser hair removal uses intense, pulsed beams of light to target and destroy hair follicles in the treated area.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Many say that laser hair removal is not as painful as waxing. Still, it isn’t an entirely pain-free procedure. As the laser zaps the hair follicle, you may feel a stinging sensation like rubber band popping against your skin. An OTC pain reliever or numbing cream can be used before the procedure to reduce pain.

Length of Time to See Results

It can take several laser hair removal sessions over the course of 6 or more weeks to see significant hair elimination.


Depending on your location, laser hair removal can cost from $75-$400 per session.

How Long Results Last

Laser hair removal can lead to a permanent reduction or elimination of hair in the treated area. Some people may continue to experience hair regrowth, depending on factors like hair texture and hormone levels.

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Are you ready to say goodbye to razors and painful waxing sessions and give laser hair removal a try? Schedule an appointment with us today and let us help you discover the low-maintenance, long-term solution to hair removal.

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