Can You Shave Between Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

This time of year, when people are showing more skin, we get a lot of questions about laser hair removal. One of the most common questions we hear is, “can I shave between laser treatments?”

The short answer is, yes! Some hair will grow in between the treatments, and it’s perfectly okay to shave.

Because of the way lasers work, we encourage our clients to shave before each laser hair removal treatment to maximize the results. The lasers used for hair removal target melanin (pigment) in hair follicles. But the ultimate goal is to destroy the hair follicle so the hair stops growing. By shaving before the treatment, all the hair (and melanin) will be below the skin surface closer to the root for more targeted and effective hair removal.

So, it’s definitely a good idea to keep shaving between laser hair removal treatments. It won’t negatively affect the results of the treatment, and luckily after each one you’ll have less to shave!

Tips on Shaving Before and After Laser Hair Removal

You can shave before and after laser hair removal, but there are tricks that can help you get the most out of your treatments and protect your skin.


  • Shave – don’t wax, pluck or use a cream hair remover. You want to remove the hair above the skin surface without completely removing it. If you wax, tweeze or use a depilatory cream there won’t be any melanin for the lasers to target.
  • Shave the night before your treatment. Shaving just before could leave the skin irritated.
  • Exfoliate the skin before shaving. This will help remove dead skin cells and make shaving go smoother.
  • Don’t use moisturizers after shaving. Normally, following up with moisturizer is a good idea, but unless you shower again the residue could still be on the skin during the treatment.
  • Use an electric razor if irritation and nicks are likely. Some areas, like the bikini line, are very sensitive. You can reduce potential skin trauma by using an electric razor the night before or the morning of your treatment.


  •  Wait a few days to shave after a laser hair removal treatment. Your skin may be a little sensitive right after the treatment, so it’s best to wait to avoid irritation.
  • Wait 4-5 days to exfoliate after treatment. That way there’s less risk of irritating skin in the treated area when you shave.
  • Watch out for hair shedding. Several days after the laser treatment the affected hair will begin to shed. Some people mistake this for hair growth and quickly reach for the razor. Before you shave, scrape gently against the hair. If it’s dead the hair will come right out.
  • Track your new shaving habits. Needing to shave less often is a sign that the treatments are working.

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