Injections & Fillers

As we get older, our skin begins to deteriorate. In fact, one of the earliest signs of aging is the loss of facial fullness and the development of unsightly wrinkles. Have you ever wondered if you could actually reverse the signs of aging? What if there was a fountain of youth that allowed you to restore fullness to your face and smooth wrinkled skin tissue? Thankfully, you don’t have to go searching for the fountain of you. Our Injections & Fillers treatment is specifically designed to address age-related skin conditions such as crow’s feet, brow furrows, forehead lines, and those unattractive smile lines at the corners of the mouth and around the cheeks. Injections/Fillers can add substance to thin lips, enhance shallow contours in the cheeks, soften facial creases and wrinkles, and improve the appearance of visible scars.

Dermal fillers are used to help slow the effects of the aging process on your skin. The goal of any filler is to help give you a natural appearance that isn’t always possible with today’s surgical options. From eliminating wrinkles to enhancing your lips, today’s fillers are the best possible way to shape your skin. Here are just a few of the major choices on today’s market.


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What Are Injections & Fillers?

Injections & fillers can come in many different types and formulas. The most popular is collagen. Collagen is a natural protein that is found in the skin. Medical professional can inject collagen into the skin in order to increase support and strengthen the skin. Restylane is the most commonly used filler for cosmetic beauty procedures. It is made up of Hyaluronic Acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in the skin. As we age, we lose substantial amounts of Hyaluronic Acid and our skin begins to fade, lose strength and volume, and wrinkles.

Why Would I Want to Get Injections or Fillers?

If you are interested in restoring facial contours, or reducing the appearance of lines and creases in your skin, then injection or filler skin therapy may be the perfect solution for you. Injections & fillers can add substance to thin lips and shallow contours in the cheeks, soften your skin, reduce folds and wrinkles and improve the appearance of scar tissue. If you have a positive outlook, are physically healthy and do not smoke, you are a good candidate for Injections or Fillers treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Injections & Fillers?

The benefits of injections & fillers are numerous. You can enjoy healthier and younger looking skin. Though the results are not permanent, continual injections and fillers are commonplace for maintenance. The continued aging of your face and other important variables in the absorption of the kinds of injections and fillers used will directly affect how long your results last. If you decide not to continue the treatments on a regular basis, your skin will return to its regular appearance. The results are incredible and can boost your self-esteem as well as your overall confidence. It is possible to achieve better looking skin, as well as smoother lines and fewer wrinkles with a series of injections & fillers.

Are Injections & Fillers Safe?

Treatment through injections or fillers is a cosmetic procedure. As with any cosmetic procedure, there are certain risks involved. Our trained staff of medical professionals will detail those risks for you before performing any treatment, so that you will be fully informed of any possible side effects and/or complications. However, complications from injections and fillers are relatively uncommon.

What is Restylane?

Restylane is a safe, natural filler designed to hold its shape much longer than many other choices on the market today. A genetically engineered version of hyaluronic acid, it can bind with water up to 1000 times in volume, and that means you get the volume and pliability you’ve been searching for. It’s ideal for lip augmentation, wrinkle correction, or even reshaping the contour of your face. Perhaps the most obvious advantage to this treatment is that it can be used in conjunction with Botox safely.

What is Juvederm?

Juvederm has often been called the next big wrinkle treatment within the industry. As with most of today’s fillers, it relies on hyaluronic acid to work. Unlike Botox, it’s used to treat wrinkles at rest, so it’s truly possible to treat any wrinkle issues you may be facing. Unlike other fillers based around hyaluronic acid, Juvederm has a higher concentration of it, so it’s smooth and transparent, and lasts much longer than many of the other choices on the market. Two different densities are available, and we can help you decide which might be right for you.

How Does Radiesse Work?

Radiesse is ideal for candidates between the ages of thirty and sixty. Treatments are not permanent, and they must be repeated, but they can last for up to two years. They are, however, non toxic and they reduce the appearance of any wrinkles you’ve started to notice around your mouth and nose. It can also fill scars you may have. Made up of tiny particles suspended in gel, Radiesse can actually stimulate your body to produce more collagen, which is why so many patients get the extended results with this particular filler.

What is Perlane Filler?

This is a version of Restylane. It contains the same ingredients but has larger particles for deeper wrincles and areas of the face.