Valentine’s Day: The Gift of Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Valentine’s Day is about love, but not just romantic love. It’s about appreciative love. Caring love. Friend love. Family love. It’s about showing appreciation for those who are special to you. With Valentine’s quickly approaching, we’ve put together some perfect ways to give the gift of health, relaxation and beauty, which is truly the gift that keeps on giving to that someone. Many of our loved ones don’t treat themselves enough so it is up to us to shower them with appreciation by doing so.

heartsHere are some of our wonderful treatments that your Valentine will adore this year:

Facial Spa Treatments

We have a spectacular range of facial spa treatments from the simple to the complex for your Valentine’s skin that will surely have them feeling and looking as amazing as they are to you. Whether your Valentine simply needs to distress with some serenity and relaxation, or has acne, or flaky, dry skin, we have the perfect treatment just for them. Combine one of these lovely facials with one of our professional products they can use daily at home, or even a pretty new robe or slippers and your gift will be greatly appreciated.

Intraceuticals 02 Facials

Our incredibly popular Intraceuticals oxygen facials deliver a beautiful blend of antioxidants, amino peptides and nano-hydraters into the skin through oxygen giving your special person a youthful, model-like glow that they’ll be proud of.  This type of facial has actually become one of the most popular breakthrough and widely celebrated skincare technologies on the market today, and Cadiz is proud to be the only Austin-area spa to offer this amazing treatment. Intraceuticals 02 facials are also perfect for treating acne, dry skin, sun-damaged skin and dull, patchy skin with no complications or side effects.

Dermaplane Facials

Dermaplane facials are perfect for those needing exfoliation or even peach fuzz removed as it removes the dead skin cells with a specific surgery blade, resulting in spectacularly smooth skin. Anyone with sensitive skin or facial hair that doesn’t respond to lasers would greatly benefit from Dermaplane facials, as there is no down-time. This type of facial leaves your skin fresh and glowing, which makes it a wonderful date-night treatment. Combine this treatment with our widely-popular Intraceuticals O2 facial for the ultimate spa experience.

Chemical Peels

Enhance your Valentine’s self-esteem, confidence, and skin tone with one of our popular chemical peels. Chemical peels use a chemical solution to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin by removing its damaged outer layers. We have a number of different peels available from Alphahydroxy acid peels for brighter, smoother skin to Jessner peels to help with hyperpigmentation and sun-damaged skin to VI Peels that use a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients to improve virtually all skin types.

Don’t forget we have our Valentine’s Special running until February 28 with a limit of two per costumer. The package includes:

  • A light chemical peel and an Intraceuticals Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial. Approximately 60 minutes for $125
  • A Dermaplane treatment followed by a Rejuvenating Oxygen Facial. Approximately 90 minutes for $200
  • A Venus Freeze Treatment and Opulance Oxygen Facial. Approximately 90 minutes for $250.

Just remember that we all should be grateful for holidays like Valentine’s Day, as sometimes we need that extra nudge to let the people we love how grateful we are for them in our lives.  There is no better gift to someone you love than a gift that helps them remember to love themselves, and at Cadiz Laser Spa, we will pamper and beautify them so they cannot forget. So get your sweetheart, or yourself, the gift of beauty and relaxation!

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