Spring Cleaning for Your Skin

Spring Cleaning for Your Skin

After battling the dry, cold winter months your skin may be a little duller than you like, especially now that the bright sunny spring days are here. Since you’re Spring Cleaning around the home this season, why not do the same for your skin?

It’s time to freshen up your complexion this spring with deep cleansing and rejuvenation services for the face!

Wipe Out the Winter With Deep Cleaning Facials

Sure, your cleansing brush is better than hand washing, but no clean is going to rival a spa facial. For thousands of years deep cleaning facials have been used to combat skin damage and revive the epidermis. Your esthetician can also use facial treatments to get your skin balanced and prepped for the warmer weather. You may want to get 2-3 facials over the next couple months to fully rebalance your skin.

Dermaplane facials offer an even deeper exfoliation. During the treatment the esthetician will use a specialized tool to carefully scrape away the dead layer of surface skin. The procedure reveals the brighter, healthier skin underneath. BONUS: dermaplane facials can also help you get rid of peach fuzz so there’s one less hair concern this summer.

Go Deeper With a Chemical Peel

If you want to shed off the lasting effects of winter try a chemical peel. The procedure involves the application of non-toxic chemicals that dissolve the upper layers of skin. Your esthetician can help you select the right type of chemical peel that can then be customized to work for your specific skin type by tweaking the solutions concentration or adjusting the ingredients.

The biggest decision is how deep you want the chemical peel to go. A light chemical peel will slough off the dull surface layer of skin for a refreshed appearance. Medium to deep chemical peels exfoliate the layers underneath for more dramatic results, but there’s significantly more shedding and longer downtime.

Start Fresh Will Laser Rejuvenation

Out with the old, and in with the new! Laser rejuvenation is a non-invasive yet highly effective way to revitalize the skin in as little as one treatment.

Laser rejuvenation services have become extremely popular in recent years because they work. Dozens of machines have been developed to target specific skin problems so it’s important to discuss your options with a professional esthetician. Some of the most gentle yet effective laser rejuvenation procedures include Aura laser facial resurfacing and YAG laser resurfacing.

Estheticians can also combine laser resurfacing procedures to customize the results. If the idea of lasers seems a little too extreme Venus Viva is another alternative. The procedure uses NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) to resurface the skin.

Don’t Forget to Wear the Right Moisturizer

Even though it’s getting humid outside, moisturizer is still an important part of getting gorgeous spring skin. However, you may need to retire your heavy winter moisturizer. Instead, try a gel moisturizer if you have normal, combo or oily skin. The formula will hydrate without making your skin feel sticky.

Put your best face forward this spring at Cadiz Laser Spa! Our knowledgeable estheticians can create a custom treatment plan to address issues and get your skin glowing. Check out our Pricing page to see monthly specials on popular procedures, products and treatments.

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