Refreshing Summer Facials for Sun Beaten Skin

We absolutely love the summer season. The long days and the relaxed vibe beckon us outdoors even though it’s blazing hot outside. But after weeks of fun in the sun, trips to the pool and dealing with dehydration, the summer starts to take a toll on our skin.

Refreshing facials are the perfect solution for sun beaten skin. Facials are ideal because they can be customized to your exact skin type to address a specific need.

Give Skin a Boost of Hydration With the Intraceuticals O2 Facial

Summer isn’t as dry as winter, but hydration can still become an issue after taking a dip in chlorinated water, spending hours in the air conditioning or getting a lot of sun exposure. In addition to wearing sunscreen, a hydrating facial can help get parched skin glowing again.

Our Intraceuticals O2 Facial is the go-to for clients that need a moisture surge. It’s called an “oxygen facial” because nano-hydrators and amino peptides are delivered via oxygen using a 3-step hyaluronic layering process. You’ll immediately notice that your skin feels softer and more supple.

Control Oil and Break Outs With a Pore Clearing Facial

On the opposite end of the spectrum is oily skin. During the humid summer months oil production tends to ramp up for many people. This is partly due to the heat. If the body senses that the skin is getting hot blood vessels send more blood to the skin surface to help cool things down. The increase in blood can cause skin to swell and kick oil production into overdrive.

When that happens keeping the shine under control becomes a full-time job and breakouts can pop up. A Facial Spa Treatment can be customized to focus on clearing out pores that get clogged by excess oil. During the treatment skin will be gently exfoliated to remove oil and toxins. It’s a quick and easy way to reduce blemishes by deeply cleansing the skin.

Correct Sun Damage With a Dermaplane Facial

Have you noticed a few extra freckles that weren’t there at the beginning of summer? Sun damage can accelerate the aging process, causing excessively dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration. During the summer when the UV index is high, all it takes is 10-15 minutes out in the sun to start feeling the affects.

Exfoliation is the key to revealing the healthier skin underneath. Dermaplane facials are a great solution for exfoliating away sun damage. During the treatment dead skin cells are scraped away using a surgical blade. Since no chemicals or solutions are used this facial can be done on even the most sensitive skin. All it takes is one Dermaplane facial to significantly improve the tone and texture of your skin.

If your skin is severely sun damaged you may want to consider getting a series of Dermaplane facials or a Vi Peel, which is suitable for all skin tones.

Erase the side effects of having fun in the sun this summer with a facial from Cadiz Laser Spa. Call today to learn about our complete selection of facials or to schedule an appointment.

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